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Life is full of sacrifice. People will have to face both good things and bad things in the journey of their life. In this world, from rich to poor, fat to thin, powerful country to weak country, every person faces his own difficult times because it is believed that every person is equal in the eyes of God and treat every person in the same way.

But whenever there is trouble in our life, it does not mean that it brings only problem to us. Whenever difficulty comes in our life, it increases the experience of life, make us more powerful and smarter than before. When a person is going through his bad times, then many negative things keep running in his mind due to which he starts breaking from inside and some times gives up. In this article we are going to talk about positive thoughts about life so that you can enjoy your happy times properly and fight with your bad times.

1) Everyone is just like us

We should always treat everyone equally. You must have seen many times that people always see others in the form of money. The person who more money, they treat them like a big personality and give them high respect, The person who has equal money, they treat them normal and give them respect neither more nor less , and the person who has no money or less money they treat them very bad and do not give them respect even they do not talk to them properly. That is extremely wrong thing.

If you want to keep positive thoughts in your mind then you have to leave this type of people’s comparison. You should think of every person equally because they also have everything that you have. You have two eyes, two ears, one nose, they have these too. This type of thinking will help you to keep positive thoughts in your mind.

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2) You can do any work in your life, even if you do it slowly but you will do it.

Every day people give up many such tasks in which they feel bored and find it difficult to do. No matter how important that work is compared to the rest, they leave it and keep postponing it throughout the day. This is very natural for our brain because our brain does not like that things in which we do not show our interest.

Leaving and postponing important task can take your future in risk. If you want to leave this thing then whenever you feel bore and find difficulty to do anything then you just think in your mind,”I will finish this work, may be it take a bit longer but slowly I will finish it. This sentence will give a message in your mind that you can do anything and by this your mind will automatically give you the power to do that work. It is better to take a long time to complete the work than to give up and postpone the work.

3) Behind every bad accident in our life there is something good hidden for us

Bad events always happen in everyone’s life and it is the harsh truth of life that bad events always happen in life after a gap of some time. Bad events always leave a bad impression in our life and sometimes these bad things get stored in our memory for a lifetime. But if you keep these things in your mind then where will you keep other important and positive thoughts in your mind.

First of all you need to clear those things from your mind which you think is not good for you and is not giving any benefit to your mind. If you will always remember your bad events then you will always spend your life in those events and always feel sad and bad about it. To leave this thing you just need to think that whatever is happening to you, good or bad, it is happening for your own benefit and may be you will find the hidden benefit behind your bad incidents after some time. This thinking will help you to forget those memories which you want to forget but unable to forget.

4) Always look at the positive side of bad things that happen to you

Everything that happens to us has two sides, one positive and the other negative. Bad events that happen to us also have positive sides but negative sides are more than positive sides so we don’t give much importance to them. But we also have to find the positive side so that we can convince our mind that positive things have happened to us so that we will be less hurt by that event and we can fight that bad event properly.

Our mind is a puppet of our eyes and ears. Our mind makes its own thinking according to the things we see and hear. Therefore, positive thinking should always be created in your mind so that you always remain positive and keep moving forward in your life.

5) Encourage yourself better than expecting people to encourage you

Learn to encourage yourself instead of expecting encouragement from others. 99% of the people you meet in your life will always want bad for you, will cheat you behind you and if we talk about the rest 1% then these one percent of the people are the ones who would really like good for you but these finding 1% of people is like finding a diamond from a mine.

So expecting encouragement from other people is a complete waste of time. You should always read and listen to motivational quotes and speeches to motivate yourself. The best way to encourage yourself is to listen to the struggling stories of successful people. These things will excite you a lot.

6) I will try to develop my thinking the way successful people think

This is one of the best way to generate positive thoughts in your mind to start thinking like successful people. When you listen to speeches of successful people and watch interviews you will realize that the mindset of successful people is very different from that of a normal person. In fact, successful people develop their mindset patterns during their journey from struggle to success. In the beginning they have to face many problems because it is not an easy task to run the mind at a higher thought level, later their mind gets used to this thing and starts working on its own.

You just listen to the speech of successful people and try to adopt the things that you like in their speeches. Apply this thing in your daily life. This thing will be very useful in your life.

7 c’s of communication that you need to know for effective communication with examples

Everyone wants to be an effective communicator so that he can happily interact with the people of the society and say the things he wants to say. There are many people in this world who always find it difficult to talk to someone. This is reality that when someone talk to other person then after communication he again memorize all previous communication and then think that at that time he should have said this instead of that. Sometimes people also find it difficult to explain their point of view to others and to articulate it properly.

This thing always bothers people and forces them to consider themselves worthless But not having good communication skills does not mean that the person is worthless and cannot do anything in his life. We all know about the importance of effective communication skills. A person with good communication skills can get other people to do anything. A person with good communication skills can also sell the garbage in the market at a higher price.

You must have heard a famous line that practice makes a man perfect. This line will apply here. In this article we are going to talk about 7 rules of communication that you need to keep in mind during your communication to be an effective communicator.

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1) Clarity

The first and foremost rule of effective communication is that your words should be clear to the other person and to yourself as well. If the words you are saying to other person is not clear in your mind then how could it be possible to make that words clear in the mind of other person.

For example- If a teacher teaches his student about industry revolution and he knows very little about it and is not clear in that subject then how can he clear his student’s doubts. If the teacher will be very clear in the subject then he will be able to answer the doubts of his student easily and at the same time he will also be able to tell his student some additional knowledge about that subject.

2) Completeness

You should complete your sentence in the communication so that the other person can easily understand what you are trying to say to them and he can respond you as per of that. If you don’t complete your sentence it will be very difficult for the person to understand your sentences and this is one of the biggest obstacles in communication.

For example- A person goes to the market to buy onions. When he reached the shop he asked about the price of onion. The shopkeeper says 100 rupees but he did not clarify how much will come in 100 rupees. It will be difficult for the customer to understand it. It can be half a kilo for 100 rupees or a whole kilo for hundred rupees. In this case customer can also move to other shop due to lack of complete sentence.

3) Conciseness

This rule of communication states that you should take less time and use less words to complete your sentence and explain it to others. In this rule, you should think that the other person is giving you his most valuable time, so you should save his time as much as possible and speak your words in such a way that it gets over in a short time and within less words.

For example- You must have visited the bank in your life. There the bank employees keep you standing in front of the counter and keep doing their work. After finishing their work they listen to your problem. Everyone is angry about this because they have more important things to do in this world. But if you go in the bank and your work will complete in less time then you will feel very happy.

It is very important to get your message across to the other person in a short amount of time just like in the above example. If you take too long the listener will get bored with you and show no interest in what you are saying.

4) Consideration

In this rule, we talk to the listener keeping in mind the feelings and emotions so that he does not feel bad about our words. We respect the listener and his feelings in this rule. You should organize your words and manner of speaking in such a way that the other person does not feel bad because of you.

For example- You must have seen many people who start to shouting in the middle of the communication to prove themselves right. This destroys the whole environment of communication and makes the other person feel bad and hurt by it.

Try to follow this rule in every communication if you want to be an effective communicator. You will enjoy it too.

5) Concreteness

Concreteness means communicating in a direct way instead of twisting. You must understand the origin of communication and talk accordingly. This thing will also improve your communication skills and make it effective.

For example- You will have some friends in your friend circle who always say things that do not match with current communication. This spoils the excitement of any communication and breaks the flow of that communication. That’s why to make any communication effective you must talk to the point.

6) Correctness

Correctness is very important in any kind of communication. This means that you should always send accurate information in communication. If you always give accurate information in your communication, then it will increase your value and people will start trusting you more than before.

For example- You must be watching news channels. People watch news channels so that they can get the correct information about the things happening in the same world. But if you come to know that there is a news channel which gives wrong information, then will you watch that channel? Not at all. Because you have lost faith in that news channel and now even if that channel gives correct information, you will not trust it.

7) Courtesy

Courtesy means always talk in polite way to others. In communication, it’s not just the words that matter, what really matters is the way you speak your words and the tone of your voice. While talking to anyone you should always have a small smile on your face so that the person in front can talk to you comfortably without any hesitation. You should make your nature friendly and helpful when talking to someone in communication,

For example- A boss yells at his employee about something and a friend makes fun of another friend. Both are very different things. To ridicule someone is more painful than shouting. But the tone of voice will work here. The tone of voice of friends will be of friendly nature whereas the tone of voice of the boss will be very harsh. The friend wouldn’t mind his fun because he knew it was just for fun.

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