7 c’s of communication that you need to know for effective communication with examples

The first and foremost rule of effective communication is that your words should be clear to the other person and to yourself as well. If the words you are saying to other person is not clear in your mind then how could it be possible to make that words clear in the mind of other person.

Decision making process in management

Decision making process plays a very important role in management and organizations. Students learn this process in their 11th class after choosing commerce. But the sad thing is that they learn this process as a part of their syllabus and that’s why they just learn it instead of follow this process in their life at … Read more

8 Foods to increase memory power

8 Foods to increase memory power

There are various food present in this world through which you can increase your memory power. All healthy foods have potential to increase memory power and boost brain. Before continue this article I want to ask you a question that I think will be most important question for you to develop your interest in healthy … Read more

How toxic friends affect your mental health? | How do you set boundaries with toxic friends?

How toxic friends affect your mental health?

Do you think you have a toxic friend? If you are a little bit confused in it then after reading this article you will get your answer of having toxic friend and how to deal with that. Do you know that a toxic friend can also affect your mental health because they always keep you … Read more

What is the best way to deal with intrusive thoughts

What is the best way to deal with intrusive thoughts

Intrusive thoughts, the exact meaning of these thoughts are unwanted thoughts which we do not want in our life but they automatically come in our mind at any time and make us sad, depressed, stressed, and anxious. Is it right? I have seen many people who suffered from intrusive thoughts and they want to get … Read more

Best book to read for personality development | Which book should I read first for self-improvement?

Best books for Self-Improvement that recommended by highly successful people

If you want to improve your personality, mind and confidence then you should start reading books. Reading books is the best way to improve all these things at the same time. Today all successful people tell that reading books is the secret of their success and there is no doubt in it because following are … Read more

What skills should you learn for personality development?

6 brain damaging habits you may want to quit

Do you want to improve your personality? If yes, then before improve your personality you should know the exact meaning of personality. If you think you know it then message us in the comment section. For me, Personality is a way of your living through which strangers create an image for you in their mind. … Read more

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