globalization of markets

Globalization of the market means doing business in different countries of the world. Globalization of market includes all the global companies that are currently doing and expanding their business in different countries. Companies that are doing business in multiple countries are known by different names. For example- multinational companies, and international companies.

health tips for the day

In today’s era, everyone is facing some or the other problem in their body, due to many things like pollution, eating junk food, not taking proper care of the body. Not only elders but children are also facing problem in their body. You need a healthy body to run your daily work smoothly. To keep your body healthy, you have to take good care of it. You can adopt the following methods to take good care of your body:

corporate social responsibility

CSR means the responsibilities of the organizations towards the society. Let us understand its meaning by dividing the words, Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate means organization and business, Social Responsibility means responsibility to the society.

10 simple anger management tips

Whenever you are angry with someone, you should know what you are angry about? What is the real reason for your anger? Sometimes we have seen that people get angry on different things but they express their anger on different person or thing. You should avoid this thing and find out the real problem of your anger.

7 c’s of communication that you need to know for effective communication with examples

The first and foremost rule of effective communication is that your words should be clear to the other person and to yourself as well. If the words you are saying to other person is not clear in your mind then how could it be possible to make that words clear in the mind of other person.

Decision making process in management

Decision making process plays a very important role in management and organizations. Students learn this process in their 11th class after choosing commerce. But the sad thing is that they learn this process as a part of their syllabus and that’s why they just learn it instead of follow this process in their life at … Read more

8 Foods to increase memory power

8 Foods to increase memory power

There are various food present in this world through which you can increase your memory power. All healthy foods have potential to increase memory power and boost brain. Before continue this article I want to ask you a question that I think will be most important question for you to develop your interest in healthy … Read more

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