decision making models

1) Classical Model
In the classical model, the decision maker explores all possible ways of solving a problem and also notices the effect of each possible method and then logically select the best option to solve the problem without any biases.

big 5 personality trait

The first of the 5 personality traits is openness. Openness means how much other person is open to learn new things. It shows how much interest the other person shows in learning new things. We can divide openness in two forms:

myers briggs personality test

Myers Briggs Personality Test is a test of personality through which people will be able to know about their personality and according to their personality they can spend their life with joy and happiness. It is one of the most famous personality test which is followed by many people as this personality test always gives … Read more

Jordan Peterson 12 rules for life summary

Today, In this article we are going to discuss about the summary of 12 rules for life summary. This is a great book for mind developers that is written by Jordan Peterson. He is a Canadian psychologist, a youtuber, and a great author. In this book he discuss about 12 psychology rules for life. These … Read more

Importance Of Personality Development

Through personality development anyone can achieve any thing in their life. In simple words, personality development means how other’s and unknown people see you through your work, looks, and behaviour. For example- There is always many person in our life with them we never talk but we create their separate and unique image in our … Read more

Personality Development For Students

These days every student is facing lack of personality in their body. They feel something missing in their behaviour and to heal that they do many things but they do not able to heal that because taking steps to improve personality is ok but taking steps in the right direction to improve student personality is … Read more

What are the qualities of a good communicator? | How do you become a master communicator?

What are the common reasons behind any communication problem?

Everyone wants to be a good communicator in this world but everyone do not able to achieve success in this. Why? Because they do not work over their communication skills. You can say that skills of communication is very powerful weapon for any person. You must have heard that a good communicator can sell garbage … Read more

Who is responsible for bad behavior of children? | Why are parents responsible for their children’s behaviour?

Jordan Peterson 12 rules for life short summary

A simple answer of this question is Parents. Yes, Parents are highly responsible for their children’s bad behaviour. Your child does bad behaviour with you at home and may be sometime he must be shout over you and you do not say him a single word. This is the time from where parents starts ruin … Read more

10 best ways to make your personality strong and attractive

best 10 ways to make strong and attractive personality

Today in this article we are going to discuss about how to make a very strong and attractive personality that everyone wants in their body so that every person give them attention and talk to them. Today’s time most of the people are not happy from their looks and the reason of this dissatisfaction is … Read more

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