Why is brain development important in early childhood?

Within 3-4 years of being born in this world, the child starts speaking his mother tongue but do you ever thought how this happens? nobody teach the him how to speak? What to speak? But the child learns all these things by himself. If we look an adult person or any that type of person whose age is more than 5-6 years then we will find out that the learning and storing capacity of brain of that person is low as compare to a 1-5 years child. That is all because the mind of that child works more faster than than an adult or teenager.

Why are the first 5 years so important?

The first five years of a new born baby are very important for his brain development because the brain of a child develops more and faster than any other stage of his life. At this age it is easier for children to make connections with other people easily. The learning, working, and understanding capacity of a child is grow faster between the age of 1 to 5 years.

Early brain development of a child also effect the nature of that child in future and behaviour of that child with others. That’s why it is said that the first five years are extremely important to give the right shape of child’s brain. You must have heard that Small children are like wet clay, whatever shape you give them, they will be molded into that shape. But do you know why people say this? because there is no understanding of 3-5 years children. They look at you and learn from your actions what is right and wrong. Being an elder person it is your responsibility to not do any wrong thing in front of your child.

At what age does your brain grow fastest?

Since the birth to 5 years the growth of brain is fastest. After this brain grow too but the growth level of brain will be low as compare to early ages. This is quite surprising but during pregnancy the baby’s brain gets a lot of development and the rest happens when he came out. A child has developed 95% of their brain by the age of 6.

What age is most crucial for brain development?

In a recent brain research it found out that the first three year of children are most crucial year for brain development. Parents see many sudden and unique changes in their baby’s behaviour. By this age babies have learned how to do communication, how to sit, walk, and eat. That’s why it is very important for parents and other elders also to speak properly in front of their child because children learn by watching them. Children try to learn things from many different ways and create their own thinking. By the age of three, children develop their personality like some children are very confident, some are very shy, some are very talkative.

What is good for brain development?

The development of a child’s brain starts in the womb of its mother, so whatever a pregnant woman does, it also affects her child like if a woman lists good music then it will give comfort to the child but if a woman listens to hard and loud music then it may cause trouble to her child. But this is not the complete brain development of the baby. The baby also learns a lot when it comes out of the mother’s womb and for good brain development the parents of baby should follow these steps:-

Say bye to junk food for at least first three years: Never let your baby eat junk food like pizza, burger, noodles. It will effect your baby’s brain development as well as body too.

Eggs, milk and vegetables are good source: Feed eggs, milk and boiled vegetables to the baby as much as possible. It will enhance your child’s brain development ability and make your child’s mind strong.

Teach him new things and activities: Since brain development is very high at the early age of the child, parents can take great advantage of it, they can teach their child new things and activities. This will help the child to become more creative and sharper than others. The best thing that you can do is to bring such toys for your child, it can teach something to your kids because at a young age children love to play with toys but if they learn something from it then it will help in the rapid development of their brain.

Teach them what is wrong and what is right: Mostly we see that many parents are blind in the love of their child so when their child makes a mistake they do not say a single word to him but do you know that it can be very dangerous for a child. If you don’t say anything on your child’s mistake then he will feel that the mistake was right and he will repeat that mistake again and again in future and this will have a negative effect on the good brain development of the child. That’s why it’s so important to let your child know when he’s doing the wrong thing and teach him what’s right.

Introducing the child to new people: Always try to introduce your child to new people so that he gains enough confidence at an early age. If you do this it will help him for the rest of his life. In future whenever he meets new people, he will never have any hesitation. Rather he will also talk to them very well.

Involve the child more in outdoor games: I don’t need to explain this point to you because I am pretty sure you already know what this point wants to say to you. Letting the child play outside is one of the best ways for any child’s brain development.


How can I improve my brain development?

always eat healthy, try to wake up early in the morning, avoid junk food as much as you can, take proper sleep, do meditation at least 10 minutes a day, do exercise

Which food is best for brain development?

For vegetarian:- Green vegetables, boiled vegetables, Milk, dry fruits, fruits
For Non vegetarian:- Egg, Milk, Fish, Meat, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits

What is the best vitamins for brain development?

Vitamin E is taken as the best vitamin for brain development because it is an antioxidant that protects your brain cells from getting damaged due to stress.

How do you increase a child’s IQ?

Always give them something new to solve

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