What are the 4 most important problems facing teenagers today?

Teenagers face many problems in their life both Internally and externally. If we want to understand that how teenagers face the problem internally then when teenagers take wrong decision in their life then that wrong decision creates lot of problems in their life. And externally, teenagers face problems when somebody say them wrong things, create trouble for them, and other external things that are creating trouble for them. Today in this article, we are going to talk about 4 most important problems that are facing by teenagers today.

1) Inability to make full use of your mind- Almost every teenage in this world is facing this problem. They want but they do not able to make full use of their brain. Sometime teenagers also feel this when they unable to do something. The reason behind this problem can be many like over use of social media, not taking proper sleep, always eating junk food.

2) Not completing work on time (procrastination problem)- We all are aware from this problem and we also know the bad impact of this problem on our life and career but still we do this. Teenagers always try to delay their difficult and most important work everyday and due to this they never do that work on time and properly. Delaying of any work creates two major problem in the life of teenagers. First, work will not be complete on time and second, When teenagers delay their work then they started to loose their interest in that work and that’s why they do not give their 100% in the work.

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3) being stressed all day- Third major problem of today’s teenager is being stressed all day. They take tension and do overthinking over small and unusual things that’s why they do not able to focus over important things because they already used their brain capacity over unimportant and unusual things. some teenagers do overthinking over their past some do over their future but they do not focus on present and this is one of the biggest mistake that they do in their life.

4)- Every time comparing with others- Every time teenagers compare themselves with others. When they find some more attracting, Intelligent, and successful then them they start to being jealous and cursing themselves and this is also the reason of low self confidence. You should need to understand that everyone is unique in their life.

What are the solutions for teenage problems?

Solutions of teenage problems:

  1. Try to make full use of your mind
  2. make your mind creative and develop your own thinking
  3. Use social media for your benefit
  4. Set a limited time for social media and avoid it as much as you can
  5. Play more outdoor games
  6. learn time management
  7. Stop delaying work
  8. Take proper at least 8 hours sleep
  9. do your work on time
  10. Stop overthinking and stop to give more priority to your unimportant work
  11. Avoid junk food and eat healthy all time this will help you to become stress free
  12. Do not adopt bad habits
  13. Stop comparing yourself with others
  14. Do brain development exercises like mediation, playing chess
  15. Keep solution oriented mind

Why is teenage problem solving important?

Solving teenagers problem is important because it will give them:

  • right direction for their better future
  • Increase their IQ level and they become more effective then other teenagers
  • help them to take decisions and responsibilities
  • help them to face any problem of their life
  • increase the concentration in their work and study
  • they become more creative and develop their own thinking

Solving the teenagers problem is very important because it give them right direction in their future and this will help them to know what is right, what is wrong, and what thing they should do for their career.

If their problem will not solve then it will directly effect their mind and they can face a lot of problem like lack of confidence, Improper brain growth If their problem does not solve. Some teenagers also commit suicide due to their problems that is very wrong. Instead of find solution they commit suicide due to their problems because they do not able to find the solutions of that problem. In this situation, Parents should realise their child that they are free to discuss their problem with them.

How do you stay motivated and focused everyday?

It is one of the most difficult work to motivate yourself when you are sad or depressed because during this time our mind goes misbalance and we do not want to do anything. But the person who overcome himself from sadness and depression can achieve anything in his life because he knows how to balance himself in the hard situations of life. Today in this article we are going to talk about how you can motivate yourself when you are depressed?

What causes a lack of motivation?

Things that can cause lack of motivation are:

1) inability to give time to oneself: People face lack of motivation when they do not able to give them proper time. Whole day they were busy in daily activities like job, office, household work, etc. Due to not giving time to themselves, people do not get to know this.

  • Their actual capability
  • their actual wants
  • their brain power level
  • their weakness to improve that

These days people are just following their daily routine and activities and in their busy schedule they have forgot to give themselves time. Inability to know himself is the biggest reason for lack of motivation because the person who gives time to himself knows how to stay motivated, What things he need to avoid to stay motivated. If you want to give to yourself then sit in an alone place and ask yourself what do you want, Do you satisfied from your work, what is your weak points and strong points. These all are practical things. If you do it then definitely you will see huge changes in yourself.

2) Don’t underestimate yourself: Many people do this, they compare themselves from other and underestimate themselves that’s why they feel uncomfortable in front of that people with that they compare themselves and this things automatically destroy their image in front of many people and that’s why because they underestimate themselves, people also start to underestimate them. Never do this thing in your life. Always stay positive in life and try to understand that everyone is unique in his life.

3) Lack of sleep: If you do not sleep properly then the next day your brain will not give you its 100%. Due to lack of proper sleep you will fell sad and depressed whole day. Because of this, you may have to face many difficulties in performing your daily tasks. So take proper sleep of at least 8 hours to stay refreshed and motivated throughout the day.

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4) Always be positive: We all have many negative thoughts in our mind throughout the day but you have to replace that negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Negative thoughts leave a very bad effect on our brain and can make us feel sad and depressed.

5) Never keep your past in your present mind: All people make mistakes in their life. This is not a bad thing, mistakes teach us a lot but keep that mistake in your present mind then your whole future can be destroyed. If you always remember any past mistake in your mind then it means that you are living in your past instead of present and this thing will never let you stay motivated for the rest of your life. You should learn from that mistake and move on in your life.

Is feeling unmotivated normal?

Yes, feeling unmotivated is totally normal. This is just part of human emotions. Whenever humans think negative thing about themselves then this thing make them unmotivated because at that time they think very negative about themselves. But If you feel always unmotivated then it can be very dangerous for you because you can go in depression due to this. Whenever, you feel unmotivated try to overcome from that as fast as you can and focus on your career and goals of your life.

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