professional ethics

Before understanding about professional ethics you must know about the word ethics separately because if you are able to successfully clear the meaning of ethics in your mind then you will automatically come to know about all those words which are Linked with ethics.

ethics definition

Morals are the moral values of human beings which they follow for their own satisfaction. If a person breaks it then no one can punish because these moral values are not created by the constitution.

For example- An old lady comes on the bus but all the seats are full. A gentleman stands up and gives his seat to the old lady. Giving a seat to a necessary person is the ethic or moral value of that person. Now, the person will be very happy that he has helped someone which gives him satisfaction and will make that person feel good and energetic throughout the day.

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professional ethics meaning

Professional ethics refers to the moral values of a person which he follows in his work. For example- It is ethical for a shop cashier not to cheat his boss for money and to do his job honestly. This is professional ethics because this ethics is attached to his work.

Let us discuss the ethics of some professions in this article:

professional ethics in law

Before joining the rank of lawyer every student takes oath which contains ethics attached to his profession. Through that oath, he becomes aware of the ethics of his profession and follows it in his work.

Treat all clients in same way

It is the first morality and duty of any lawyer is to treat each and every client equally, for which he is fighting the case in the court whether the client is innocent or not but he has to give his 100% in the court to save him.

A lawyer should not be affected by his client’s actions

This ethic says that whether the client is a criminal, a rapist, a murderer, and whatever else, it should not affect the lawyer. A lawyer should try as much to save him as a lawyer does to save an innocent man.

Always help everyone

This policy says that a lawyer should help every person who comes to him and asks for help for him. Whether he is innocent or not, it is the duty of every lawyer to help everyone who seeks his help.

Big 5 personality trait

The Big 5 personality traits are the different types of behaviors that are present in every person. These 5 personality traits will make it easier for you to understand the personality of anyone very well.

Generally, managers use these traits in their work in the organization to understand the behavior of their employees and make them to work according to their personalities. But anyone can use it if he wants to understand the behavior of his close ones because these traits are present in every person. It is not that the employees of the organization are different from other ordinary persons. Organizations pay attention to these traits to avoid employee conflict and maximize profits in the organization.

We can recall these 5 personality traits with the acronym OCEAN. Let us discuss each feature one by one:

1) Openness

Openness means how much other person is open to learn new things. It shows how much interest the other person shows in learning new things. We can divide openness in two forms:

a) high openness

People with high openness are never behind to learn new things. They put themselves ahead in everything. These types of people are always curious to know anything and they are also intent. The intelligence level of these people is always high and they always think creative things in their mind.

b) low openness

low openness type of people cover themselves in limited knowledge and they also do not show any curiosity to know about anything and learn something. Basically, they are not open to learn new things and they only do the work that suits their current knowledge. These types of people always work under the guidance of their boss. These types of people are very calm, slow and inflexible by nature.

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2) Conscientiousness

Conscientiousness refers to how organized, trustworthy and serious a person is towards his work. This type of person has a very good external personality because they always seem to be focused in their work. We can divide Conscientiousness in two forms:

a) high Conscientiousness

A person with high conscientiousness will always be focused in his work. Distractions cannot become a hindrance in his work because such people know how to handle their obstacles. They always do their work systematically and complete that work as soon as possible. They are also reliable about their work. All these things make a person with this personality efficient and influential.

b) low Conscientiousness

A person with low conscientiousness will never take his work seriously. He always tries to postpone his work till the due date. Moreover, they always focus on getting the work done rather than doing it systematically or in a proper way. These types of people always take everything lightly in their life and are careless.

3) Extraversion

The word Extraversion comes from extrovert which means the type of people who are never shy and talk easily to everyone. These type of people can easily make friendship with new people. We can divide Extraversion in two forms:

a) high Extraversion

A person with high extroversion will always be energetic and outgoing in his work. These types of people talk to almost everyone in the organization. Along with this, such people always keep themselves updated with the latest news of the organization. Managers and sales persons are examples of high extroversion.

b) low Extraversion

If a person has low Extraversion then he will react like extrovert person. He will feel hesitant in talking to new people and will only talk to limited people. Usually such people do not have many friends. The nature of such types of people is shy and calm.

4) Agreeableness

Agreeable means how much someone agrees with you and how you can judge him. We can divide Agreeable in two forms:

a) high Agreeableness

high Agreeableness means that the person almost agrees with you and you can trust him. A person with high compatibility will treat you friendly and be kind.

b) low Agreeableness

The low Agreeableness person will not agree with you and you can’t even trust him because this type of person can cheat you at any time behind you. It is very challenging to understand these types of people and they are not very connected to other people too.

5) Neuroticism

Neuroticism refers to how a person can handle his stress and troubles while doing his work, how to make decisions about their work, and does not allow them to affect the work of the organization. We can divide Neuroticism in two forms:

a) high Neuroticism

The person who has high neuroticism will always be able to handle his stress and anxiety during his work and will not let them affect his work. He will manage his work properly. He will always be secure and confident about his work.

b) low Neuroticism

People with low neuroticism will always be nervous and sensitive because they always do their work with tension and always think about the negative side of the work. For example: A person wants to open online transactions for the customers of his shop. If he is a person with less neurotic personality, he will think about all the negative aspects of online transactions like what if the fraudster steals the money, and starts stressing about it. A person with low neuroticism always work under fear

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