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Before starting any new thing every organization goes through a process which is known as planning process. Planning is a type of thinking in which we think everything about the task we want to undertake. There are seven steps under planning process. Each step has its own importance and plays a very important role in the planning of organization because After the implementation of a plan that plan was followed for many years.

1) Setting up objective

This is the first stage of the planning process in which the organizations discuss their main objective behind starting their new thing. For example- An organization decided to distribute its product pamphlet among the people. The motive behind distribution is to increase sales.

2) Developing premises

The meaning of the premises is our perception. In this stage, the organization makes many assumptions about things that can happen in the future which include both good things and bad things. It is one of the most important stages of the planning process. The organization makes many assumptions regarding the future to know whether the objective they have set will be possible or not. If not, the organization drops that plan and starts anew. If yes then this plan continues.

For example- The organization decided to distribute its product (toys) pamphlet in an area where there are no children. Everyone is above 12. Then there is very little chance that the company will be able to achieve its objective (increase in sales) if it distributes its pamphlets in that area.

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3) Listing various alternatives

In this phase, the organization makes different choices which are helpful in achieving the objective of the organization which it has made in its earlier phase. For example- An organization wants to increase its sales. In order to achieve his objective of increasing the sales, he may enlist the following various options:

  • bring down prices
  • issue of free gift vouchers
  • discount on products
  • Give something free with product like buy 1 get 1 free

4) Evaluation of various alternatives

In this phase, the organization evaluates all the options and examines all its options one by one to see which option will give results sooner at a lower cost as compared to other alternatives. For example- After the organization has listed out the various options (in step 3), now, it will study each option in depth and find out which option will give how much benefit to the organization.

5) Selecting an alternative

After studying all the options in depth, the organization selects the best option which will help the organization to achieve the objective that it wants to achieve. For example- According to the organization, giving something free with the product, is the best alternative and this alternative will help the organization to achieve its objective quicker and faster, that’s why organization will choose this alternative and will continue its work over this alternative and leave the rest of the other options.

6) Implementation of Selected alternative

After it is finished with the selection of an option, the organization starts working on actualizing the selection option and implementing the option in the organization. At this point, the organization will make all the decisions that are appropriate for this option. For example- The organization has opted to give some freebies along with the product to its customer. Now the organization will convert this option into reality and will also provide free things along with the product to its customers.

7) Follow up

After the implementation of the plan, the organization continues the option and checks the implemented option as time goes by and if necessary makes some changes as per the situation. For example- The free things provided by the organization to its customers are getting very old and the customers also do not like to take that thing. So in this case the organization can replace the old free thing with a new one.

10 simple anger management tips

Nowadays getting angry with someone is not a big deal for the person who is angry but it is a big deal for the person you are angry with Because in anger that person says things that he should not have said.

Everyone wants to control and stop their anger but they fail to manage it. However, controlling anger is very important for any person because anger greatly lowers your personality level and does not let you move forward in your life because every time you spend in anger and yelling. In this article, we are going to discuss about 10 simple anger management tips that will help you control your anger if you want because taking actions and following the tips that we will discuss today is totally in your hand. If you implement the tips in your life you will be able to manage your anger for sure but If you will just leave it after reading then you will not be able to control your anger. I am not saying that you should follow only those tips which are mentioned here. You can also follow other’s tip if you like them.

Anger management means the way to control our feelings of anger when we want to get angry on someone.

1) Find root cause of your anger

This will prove to be the most important thing in your anger management. Whenever you are angry with someone, you should know what you are angry about? What is the real reason for your anger? Sometimes we have seen that people get angry on different things but they express their anger on different person or thing. You should avoid this thing and find out the real problem of your anger.

Sometimes, we get angry at some person but not for any specific reason but because it becomes our behavior towards that person and whenever we talk to them we do it by shouting. This is very wrong because it hurts the other person very deeply.

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2) Try to understand the things

A person will be angry at another person when his thinking does not match. When the views of two persons do not match, the powerful person is always angry with the other person. For example, in a quarrel between siblings, the child is shouting, which gets maximum support from the parents.

To control your anger, you need to understand that everyone has their own thoughts and let them act accordingly. You cannot get angry at someone just because they are not behaving the way you want them to.

3) Do not tell any word when you are angry

When you are angry you should not say a single word because during anger you are in control of your anger and you say anything without thinking. In this situation, it will be better for you to remain calm and sit in a place where there is no one for a short time because It is 100% certain that if a person comes in front of you during your anger then it doesn’t matter whether that person is big or small, you will take out your anger on him for some reason or the other.

4) turn your anger into a solution-oriented personality

Transform your anger into a solution-oriented personality. This thing will be very helpful for your growth mindset. when you try to change your anger into solution-oriented personality then initially you will face many problems because controlling your anger as well as finding solution to the problem is not an easy task. But after some time your mind will get used to it and it will be easy for you to do it. For example- If someone accidentally spills tea on your favorite shirt, the solution is to wash the tea from your shirt or change your shirt. Instead of getting angry at that person, you should take steps to solve the problem. This is just a small example, but If you try this step in your daily life then in future you will be able to find the solution of big problems too.

5) Hold your anger as much as you can

Try to control your anger as much as possible. It will work like a magic for all the people. When you stop your anger 4 to 5 times, then you will start to realize that now you have started getting less angry. After doing this, you will not get angry even on small and useless things.

6) Fill your mind with as much good information as possible

You must have heard this line of our elders that an empty mind is the house of the devil. They say this line because they know that a mind without good knowledge is like a rusty chain. Sadness, anger, and overthinking, these are the things that act as a rust on our mind and make it useless.

When you start gaining some knowledge everyday then after some time there will come a point where you will find how bad the harmful effect of anger is on our mind and health and you will come to know that when you get angry you How bad does it look? If a person is very angry at genuine things and says very bad things to others then no one will like him whether he is wrong or right it doesn’t matter. To gain your knowledge, you can read additional books as per your interest, you can read newspapers, and you can also search for good information on social media.

7) Doing Meditation

By doing meditation you will see the real image of your attitude. After meditation, you will feel that you are getting more angry than before. This will happen because you will realize the real root of anger in your body. You need to control your anger that you will generate through mediation because it is your real anger. It is exactly like a mirror when we look at it from a distance we do not see any mark but when we go near the mirror we see many dirty spots. After doing meditation, these dirty spots hidden in your body for a long time will come out. You have to work in those dirty places.

8) Visit outside places

Traveling outside places will give a new creation to your mind and you will feel better. In Starting you must visit natural places so that you can feel it more real and experience the power of nature’s serenity.

9) Do mind Exercise

By doing mind exercises, you will get the power to fight your anger. This is a helpful thing that will help you to follow all the above steps and manage your anger easily.

10) help others

Helping others will bring you more comfort and happiness in your life. When you help others, your brain will start releasing good hormones and this thing will help you in reducing your anger. This thing will help you to cure the things like bad mood, overthinking that you generate from your anger.

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