Know about the incredible discovery of the scientist made recently

The discovery on the brain is one of the most unique and interesting part for the scientist because there are still many things unknown about the brain. So whenever scientists do their research on the human brain, they find something new and incredible every time.

what did the scientist discover

In a recent discovery, scientists have found that the temperature of the human brain changes many times in a day, which can be more than the human imagination. Often the normal temperature of human body is around 37 degree celcius but in recent research it found out that the temperature of human brain can be more than the normal temperature of human body.

This new discovery of scientist has been published in journal brain that is a magazine like stuff something in which scientist published only brain related discovery.

Before this discovery, scientists think that the temperature of the human brain is the same as the temperature of the human body and whenever the temperature of the human body fluctuates, the brain temperature fluctuates. But new scientist’s study proves all these things wrong.

Incredible things that scientists discover in their studies

  • The scientist found that the temperature of the human body can affect the temperature of the brain, but only slightly because the brain is a part of the human body, otherwise the temperature of the brain fluctuates more often in a day than in the human body.
  • Different brain temperatures indicate different intelligence levels of the human brain. A healthy brain will be hotter than a previous brain and can be even 2 degrees hotter than a human body’s temperature.
  • Brain temperature varies according to age, sex, brain area, and time of day.
  • The temperature of the brain also depends on the gender of the person because the study also found that the temperature of the brain of a woman is slightly higher than that of a man.
  • The deeper you go inside the brain, you will find that the temperature of the brain will increase. The surface of the brain is cold because it is the first and topmost layer of the brain. The thalamus is the deepest part of the human brain and has the highest temperature.
  • The most surprising thing about this study is that the body temperature at which we think we have a fever, if that temperature is that of the brain, would be considered a healthy brain.

How did the scientist do this research?

For this research, the scientist has gathered 40 people with healthy brains. from them 20 were women and 20 were men and all those people were between 20-40 years old. The scientist took their brain measurements three times in a day and every time scientists found different brain temperatures.

The brain temperature of all people was found to fluctuate by 1°C during the day and the brain temperatures of all those people were recorded to be the hottest during the day and the coldest at night.


Why is brain development important in early childhood?

Top 10 best ways to make strong and attractive personality

Today in this article we are going to discuss about how to make a very strong and attractive personality that everyone wants in their body so that every person give them attention and talk to them.

Today’s time most of the people are not happy from their looks and the reason of this dissatisfaction is only that whenever they see other people and like something in that person, they feel like why do they not have that type of personality and here, this is the point where they make their personality weak.

Today what ever you will read in this article will be based on my true story and this is my experience which I felt when I was improving my personality. So today I am going to share with you my top 10 ways through which I am able to make my strong and better personality.

Top 10 best ways to make strong and attractive personality

  • Listen yourself– Many times we have seen that people dismiss their decisions and opinions in front of other people whether it is right or wrong. Let’s understand this through an example- suppose you want to go to visit a mall but your friends say you you will come with us for playing and you agree with them too. It’s means you destroyed your own want and this is not good sign of strong personality.
  • Do not compare yourself with others- As I told you earlier everyone is unique in itself so do not compare you with other person because If you compare yourself with others you will always feel bad and guilty.
  • Always feel comfortable- While going out many people wear uncomfortable clothes and things to look better and more attractive. But this thing also makes them uncomfortable in front of people and this thing leaves a bad impression on other people because if you feel uncomfortable in front of someone, your way of talking and behavior will completely change from your actual behavior. The main reason for this can be shyness and discomfort.
  • first listen then talk- This is one of the best formula to feel comfortable while talking to any person. People always want someone to listen to them. If you take this formula upon yourself, you may find it easier to understand. If you are talking to someone, then of course you would like that person to listen to you. If you try then it will make your personality manifold attractive.
  • Listen Carefully- Just listening in conversation is not enough. To make that conversation more engaging, you should listen to the other person attentively so that you can ask the other person more interesting questions and let the other person know that you’re listening, and this type of conversion can make that person come back to you again.
  • Always do exercise and read books- I know if someone tries to adopt this habit then it will not be easy for him to do it daily but once you get used to it, it will help in your overall development. Exercise will give attractive shape to your body so people will be attracted towards you and by reading books you will get knowledge and this will increase your confidence. If you do these things continuously then you will make your personality attractive manifold. If you don’t want to join gym then you can download any fitness app from google play store and you can read books online in free.

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Know about the incredible discovery of the scientist made recently

Why is brain development important in early childhood?

  • Always be nice to everyone- Never talk rudely and badly to anyone. Always be nice to everyone and try to make new friends. If you think someone needs your help, help them. This technique is very good because if you speak well and help others, it will leave a good impression on others when they see you talking to someone.
  • Learn from mistakes- No person is perfect in his life. When you make a mistake, try to learn from it and try never to repeat that mistake. We often see that people who make mistakes in their life become very demotivated for some time but it is natural. There is nothing bad in this as it is just a part of the feelings and emotions of our body. In this, all you have to do is try to find something positive in your mistake because it will remove your suffering and after that, you should find out what was the reason for your mistake and learn from it.
  • Always believe in yourself and be confident- A confident person can achieve any thing in his life whatever he wants because he always believe in yourself and believe in yourself is show you as one of the most attractive and strong personality person in front of people. Today we can saw many multinational companies whose net worth is more than even the GDP of some countries. What do you think about the founders and CEO of that companies? They have very strong and attractive personality. Why? because they believe in themselves and they were confident about their business and that’s why today people see them as strong and attractive person today.
  • Deal with your problems- If you are doing something and facing many problem in it then you should deal with it and try to solve that. If you do like this it will made you mentally strong that will very good for your personality.

You have to understand that everyone’s body is unique, everyone has their own unique thinking. If you like their thinking and feel sad about yourself then it will not affect anyone only it will lower your confidence and do you know how much confidence helps you in making your personality strong. We can say that self-confidence is directly related to personality. The more your confidence increases, it will automatically increase your personality. If you talk to another person with utmost confidence, then your strong personality will affect that person.

Sometimes people read a lot of things about how to strengthen or improve their personality and because of this they try to adopt many skills but they forget to work on their existing skills and I am telling you this Can leave a bad impression on your personality because learn new personality skill may take more time but if you enhance your existing skill then it is 100% certain that your personality will be stronger because of this in less time.

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