how to cut dragon fruit (guide step by step)

I am 100% sure you must have heard about knife that plays a very important role to cut something in kitchen. Without knife we cannot cut anything. Today we will learn how to cut a dragon fruit in proper way. Everybody know cutting but only professionals can know how to cut a thing in proper way so that he can get maximum utilization from that thing. Today we will learn about that how to cut a dragon fruit in proper way.

People also serve dragon fruit to their guest because it’s shape, color, and taste gives a royal look and it also seems cool in front of others. The outer layer of this fruit is in fire type and in Chinese mythology they relate fire sign from dragon that’s why today we say this fruit “dragon fruit”.

As per of many people reviews this fruit is tasteless but not fully means this fruit has a very little mild taste. Outer layer of this fruit is in pink of color and inside of this fruit there will be a white pulp with black seeds inside it. both black seeds are white pulp are eatable just like strawberry. Let’s learn how to cut a dragon fruit:-

Step one:- Use knife and cut dragon fruit from upper to bottom and left to right. This type of cutting will make Four big pieces of a single dragon fruit.

Step two: Cutting dragon fruit into four pieces will help you to peel of outer part off the Fruit. This is second step in which we peel off the outer layer of fruit. Now, By two types we can peel off dragon fruit. First is by spoon and second is with the help of hand. If you do not feel comfortable to peel off dragon fruit by hand then you can use spoon too for this work.

Step three: In step three we decided in which shape we cut dragon fruit. In this step we cut all four big parts into smaller parts so that it can be easily eatable. Shape of cutting will totally depend on you. You can cut in square shape, rectangular shape, circle and oval shape. These are four common shapes to cut dragon fruit.

Step four: In step four we decided that how we will eat dragon fruit means in the form of smoothie, salad and signal. There are many recipes that we can make with the help of dragon fruit.

Why is it important

Why is it important to understand proper cutting of dragon fruit? I know may be some people are thinking why is it important even after eating it shape will be nothing in stomach. But it is very important to Understand the reason behind this and this reason is from my own perception. I will not tell you because it look good and any other things. I strongly believe that what ever we eat our eyes see that and mind try to understand that about the thing we are eating. If fruit cutting will be good for our mind and eye then it will also make us feel good and provide positive energy to body because our mind will think we are treating our body good and this thing make us feel good all day.

tips that help in cutting dragon fruit

1) Make sure your hand are properly washed before touching the dragon fruit to avoid transfer of any type of harmful bacteria from your hand to dragon fruit. Wash your hand with a good soap before touching dragon fruit.

2) After washing your hand make sure to properly washed dragon fruit too so that outer layer bacteria cannot go inside the fruit. This thing will make your fruit safe.

3) Use a good sharp knife to cut the fruit so that you can cut it easily.

4) make sure your hand will not get hurt while peeling off the outer layer of dragon fruit.

5) If you are a child or you do not know how to use knife very well then I will suggest you to give the cutting work to another person who knows how to use knife very well so that you do not hurt yourself.

different recipes

1) You can eat dragon fruit single if you like it.

2) You can also mix it with some other fruits to enjoy every type of fruit at same time. Cut the type of fruits that you want to eat and mix it in a bowl. sprinkle some black salt over it and enjoy.

3) You can also make smoothie of dragon fruit if you want to drink it.


1) how long does cut dragon fruit last

For 2 days. After two days dragon fruit start to decompose as it is natural fruit. All natural eatable things will start to decompose within 2-4 days and this thing also change the taste of fruit.

2) how to cut dragon fruit for planting

Cut it in half from upper to bottom and take black seed that will be inside the fruit and plant that in a flowerpot. Give enough sunlight and water to the soil so that seed can grow healthy.

3) will dragon fruit ripen after cutting

No, this cannot be possible that dragon fruit can ripen after cutting because all the things the fruit need to ripen will be vanished after cutting like soil, roots, stems with the help of which fruit take proper sunlight, water, chlorophyll.

4) how to keep cut dragon fruit fresh

Average life span of a dragon fruit is 2 days but if you want to keep it fresh more days then you can put it in refrigerator, at any cold place and in a water bowl.

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