Heart touching true friendship quotes

True friends are found by the lucky ones and I pray to god that everyone should get at least one true friend so that he too can have fun with his friend and feel fun with true friend. Today here in this article we are going to discuss about amazing heart touching true friendship quotes which will give you deep feelings of true friendship.

1) Finding a true friend is like searching water in the desert.

2) A true friend is the one who stops you whenever you do wrong in life and guides you to walk on a new path.

3) They insult you in front of others but inside they always want the best for you.

4) Whenever you fight with someone in college they are always ready to support you.

5) True friends never leave your pocket full, whenever they see money with you, they will spend all.

6) But if your true friend also has money, he will not leave his pocket full and will spend all the money with you.

7) True friends are the companions of our happiness and sorrow.

8) A true friend will laugh at our worst and best jokes.

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9) A true friend will be angry with you because he knows that you will convince him and once again you will become a friends like before.

10) He will stand by you during your worst and will support you.

11) Your true friend can be anyone, whether it is your father, or mother, or brother, or sister, or any other member of the house, or any member of the outside.

12) True friends will make fun of you about anything because they like to irritate you because they think that there is someone in this world who is like them and with whom they like to have fun.

13) No matter how long you have not spoken to a true friend, but he will always meet you as well as before because those small distances can never separate true friends.

14) You insult your true friend whatever you say they will not mind because they will enjoy it and vice versa they may do the same to you.

15) True friends don’t just know how to insult, they also know how to respect you in front of others and also know how to increase respect.


16) You will not like to go to any place without your true friend whether it is new or old. For example, if your true friend is not coming to college, then it is more likely that you also do not go to college on that day.

17) You will feel nervous in other places without your true friend and you will feel comfortable in that place.

18) You will not feel the same way of fun and enjoyment with other people that you feel with your true friend.

19) Your true friend must have known about your every little and big secret.

20) Your true friend loves to spend time with you, talk, and share his secrets and he tells you every little thing about his life.

21) Your true friend has a special place for you in his heart and he never forgets your birthday and other special days.

22) Even if you want, you will not be able to lie or hide anything from your true friend because he knows you very well.

23) Your true friend will laugh in your laughing and be sad in your sadness.

24) A true friend will never ignore you unless he has something special for you like your secret birthday party.

25) If your true friend has been hurt by you then he will ignore this thing because he would like to keep his friendship with you but it also does not mean that you keep hurting your friend.

Three strategies that can be used to build emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the word that can change your whole life in a good direction if you know the meaning of this word clearly. Most of the people are unaware of this word, even this word plays a very important role in their daily life. I want you to read this article and understand it properly because after reading this article you will know how emotional intelligence is the biggest sign of good leaders. I want all my website visitors to be good leaders rather than good workers so that they can achieve all the wonderful things they want to achieve in their life.

Defining emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence means understanding own feelings and the feelings of others and then reacting accordingly. A person with emotional intelligence knows how to control and manage his emotions intelligently and he always talks and behaves calmly with others.

People with weak emotional intelligence are always angry, yelling and fighting with others because they do not know how to manage emotions.

Developing emotional intelligence

After getting acquainted with the definition of emotional intelligence, if you feel that there is a lack of emotional intelligence in your daily life and want to develop it in you, then you should adopt the following points to develop it within yourself.

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Know yourself

If you want to control your emotions, first you must know yourself because only after knowing yourself properly will you be able to control your emotions. You should pay attention and consider your actions and behavior in different situations.

Control your anger

Anger is the word that people use the most in their daily lives. Anger can be triggered by anything like stress, irritation, trouble. Whatever creates trouble in our mind turns into anger when it becomes unbearable. Whenever you get angry, you have to take care of yourself and try not to get angry. In times of anger, our emotional intelligence becomes weaker than before because anger removes all the power of understanding from our mind and completely destroys the emotional intelligence from our mind.

Stop yelling at others

I have seen many people who start shouting in the middle of a conversation to justify themselves because they thought that if they raised the pitch of their voice, then others would pay more attention to them. But they don’t think how they hurt the feelings of others when they behave like this. After a while they also believe that they were screaming and feel bad. It is one of the very bad things to develop emotional intelligence because in this you neither care about your own emotions nor the emotions of others. You have to stop yelling over people due to different reasons if you want to become strong in emotional intelligence.

All the above points are just the base making points which will help you in your initial days when you start developing emotional intelligence. The reason behind mentioning all the above points is only that these things are common in those people who have weak emotional intelligence power and when you successfully remove all those things from inside you then you will feel a new understanding and intelligence inside you.


Improving emotional intelligence

There are many ways available through which you can improve your emotional intelligence and enhance it more but here, I am going to share with you Top three strategies that will definitely help you to improve your emotional intelligence and will make you better person in your life.

1) remove confusions from your mind

Our mind is always surrounded by many confusions. If you don’t clear the confusions as soon as possible you will be as if each of your feet is standing on two different boats in the river and it can drown you anytime. There is only one way by which you can successfully clear the confusions from your mind and that is to study and think deeply about the subject in which you are facing confusion. This thing will make you more clear in your life and help you to decide what is actually wrong and right in the society and in our life.

2) learn to Control your emotions

Often you must have heard from the experienced people that you should not do promises when you are extremely happy, you should not speak anything when you are extremely angry, you should not take decisions when you are extremely sad. They say all these things because they know that when our emotions are at their peak, most of the actions and decisions of that time always turn out to be wrong. This happens because when our emotions are at their peak then emotions are not in our control, In fact we are in control of our emotions and this thing takes away our power of understanding for some time until Our emotions do not become normal.

3) Pay attention to your words before speak

Words are those things that can hurt anyone’s emotions if we use them in a wrong way and say bad things to others. We are able to control words before speaking but after speaking they are not in our control because we cannot take them back.

We should always use words that does not hurt anyone. Along with this, we should also pay attention to our tone because it plays a very important role in our speaking. If we talk to other people properly but we are saying that thing out loud then maybe your words will not hurt them but your shouting tone will definitely hurt them. That’s why we should always speak properly with others in the right tone.

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