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Another name of digital marketing is online marketing. It is one of the best way for organizations to do marketing of their product at very low cost. We can also say it modern marketing because today, every businessman prefer this type of marketing.

digital marketing meaning

In simple words, digital marketing means to promote the product on every platform that is run by internet. For example- promote the product on Instagram, Facebook, google, and other social platforms. In digital marketing, people run product ads in the form of pictures, posters, and videos over different social media at low cost. One of the biggest benefit of digital marketing is organizations promote their product to maximum people at lower cost and this thing saves a lot of money of every organization.

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types of digital marketing

1) Social media marketing- Social media marketing means to promote and do the marketing of any product through social media platforms. For example- Instagram, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. You must have seen many pictures and videos on Instagram with the title of ad and sponsored post. Advertisements and sponsored posts are posts that promote a company’s product.

2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)- In SEO, organizations make their personal websites and promote their all product on that website.

3) Email Marketing- In this type of marketing, organizations send a detailed email of their product to targeted customer so that chances of buying the product can be increased.

4) Facebook Ads- In Facebook ads people run advertisement of their product on Facebook and Facebook take some charges to run the ad on its platform.

5) Content marketing- In content marketing, people make content of a product and share that on different platforms. People can make content in different forms. For example- picture content, video content, poster content. Here, the best part is we can do content marketing without any type of charges on social media. The more engaging your content, the more likely the customer will buy the product.

6) Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing means to promote other’s product digitally and earn commission from the product when the buyer buy the product.

Benefits of digital marketing

1) You can target your ideal buyer through the help of digital marketing. For example- If your product belongs to education industry then you can easily target those people who are studying.

2) You can easily target people according to their age, city, country, education, job profile, occupation, interest and sell your product to them.

3) Digital marketing is extremely cost effective as compare to other marketing sources.

4) You can easily measure the activity of your target audience. For example- whether your customer opened your product or not.

5) You can easily advertise your business and product globally among millions of people.

Effect of greenhouse

The greenhouse effect is a natural process that helps the sun’s rays to reach on the earth and to balance the heat temperature in the surroundings.

How greenhouse effect works in earth’s atmosphere

Our Earth’s atmosphere is covered with many layers of gases. One of those layers is the layer of gases which we call greenhouse gases or GHG gases. The function of GHG gases is to absorb the sun’s rays towards the earth and not allow them to be reflected back. This function of GHG gases helps to keep the earth warm and retain heat in the surroundings.

What if the greenhouse effect would be removed from the earth

Removing the greenhouse effect from the earth is directly related to the removal of greenhouse gases from the earth because greenhouse gases are the gases that cause the greenhouse effect on the earth. If we remove greenhouse gases from the earth, then the heat temperature of the earth will start going down and the cooling will start increasing on the earth, which will make the life of organisms, plants, animals, and other living things on earth impossible because greenhouse gases are the way through which sun rays reach to the earth surface.

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Importance of Greenhouse Effect for Earth

1) Greenhouse effect is present on earth for millions of years and only because of this life is possible on earth because without greenhouse effect the temperature will decrease and earth will be completely frozen, for this reason, life on earth will not be possible.

2) Because of greenhouse effect the average temperature of earth is well maintained that is 15 degree Celsius. If there would be no greenhouse effect on the earth then the temperature on earth would be -17 degree Celsius.

What if greenhouse gases increase in the atmosphere

If greenhouse gases will be increased in the atmosphere then the gases will start to absorb more rays of sun on the earth and this thing will cause more heat and the Earth will start getting hotter than it should be. The extra heat on the earth will lead to the problem of melting ice, forest fires, dryness of the river, flood, drought and imbalance of natural things.

list of greenhouse gases and their sources

1) Carbon Dioxide- Carbon dioxide is the first of the greenhouse gases and the source of carbon dioxide is the burning of fossil fuels and cutting of trees (deforestation).

2) Chlorofluorocarbons- Chlorofluorocarbons are another type of gas found in greenhouse gases and the source of chlorofluorocarbons is refrigerator heat; industrial and commercial uses.

3) Methane- Methane is another major greenhouse gas after carbon dioxide. The sources of this gas is burning of fossil fuels and wood; fertilizer factories, growing paddy, excreta of cattle and other livestock.

4) Nitrogen oxides- Sources of Nitrogen oxides gas are burning of fossil fuels, fertilizers; burning of wood and crop residue.

5) Carbon Monoxide- Carbon Monoxide is last gas that is found in greenhouse gases and the sources of this gas are Iron ore smelting, burning of fossil fuels, burning electronic waste.

Factors that contribute the most to increasing greenhouse gases are factories, automobiles, and deforestation. Waste material and harmful smoke that generate from factories and automobiles (like bike, car, e-rickshaw) are the main reason due to which greenhouse gases are constantly increasing in the atmosphere of the earth and this thing causes more heat on the earth because every particle of greenhouse gases absorbs the sun’s rays towards the earth.

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